NEW for Businesses and Individuals!

“Ultimate Weight Loss Now” Program

For individuals and businesses, we offer a medically formulated, physician recommended, and  cost-effective weight loss program that has people quickly reaching their lean body target weight and  easily maintaining that in the long term.

  • The Program is provided for FREE to businesses to offer to their employees and family members.
  • Individuals have no additional expenses when participating in the Program, making it completely affordable.
  • The services of our expert Certified Health Coaches are provided FREE in the Program (check them out by clicking HERE).
  • The Program incorporates the outstanding “Habits of Health” education developed by Dr. Wayne Scott Anderson, MD.
  • Whether losing 10, 50, 100 pounds or more is the objective, our cost-effective “Ultimate Weight Loss Now” Program works! Click HERE for more information. 


NEW for Individuals!

    ONLINE “Stress and Pain Free Living” Starter Program

From any internet connection, relieving stress and pain is now achievable using the tools of our new, cost-effective online Program.

  • Our Program empowers individuals to participate in achieving their stress and pain relief goals.
  • The approaches used in our Program have been scientifically proven to be effective.
  • The “Stress and Pain Free Living” Starter Program will far exceed your expectations.

To find out more about this remarkably convenient and affordable ONLINE program, click HERE!

Dr. Bob and Charlene Levine’s Private Practice…..

because sometimes you need extra help with personal attention!

When you need a personalized, one-on-one care plan tailored specifically to improve your health, relieve pain, stress, and/or symptoms of stress-related conditions, you will want to see these holistic health experts.

Dr. Bob is a PhD brain researcher (neurology and psychiatry expertise), certified in hypnotherapy, and is a certified health coach. Charlene has a degree in communication and is a licensed massage therapist, certified hypnotherapist, and certified health coach specializing in weight loss.

They use a variety of approaches that will help you get the relief you have been seeking!

To find out how they will create a customized plan to address your needs, call (248) 342-7555 or email Dr. Levine at and mention that you are interested in the Levine Private Practice Plan.


NEW for Businesses! 

FREE Online Wellness Platform and In-Person Education for Employees and Their Families 

This wellness platform is custom designed for each company of any size to either stand alone or complement existing corporate wellness strategies. 

Employees and their family members can get access to:

  • Free education on the topics of stress relief, pain relief, relief from stress-related conditions (e.g. sleep disturbance, anxiety, fatigue, high blood pressure, etc.).
  • Our “Ultimate Weight Loss Now” program for achieving optimal health through weight loss.
  • Our convenient online series of “Stress and Pain Free Living” programs that will have participants achieving relief from stress and pain.
  • And more!

For more information on how to have a FREE custom-designed wellness platform for your company, call (248) 850-4297 or email Dr. Bob Levine at


Corporate Wellness Resources and Community Wellness Resources (CWR) provide new opportunities for self-funding institutions to reduce their
healthcare utilization and costs through improving the health
and performance of employees and other covered individuals.
Our companies also offers programs for individuals using the same approaches that are used for corporations.
We are experts at helping people rapidly and easily
reduce and eliminate chronic pain, stress, and symptoms
of stress-related conditions through accelerated behavioral
change technology offered in our cost-effective programs.

Our team of certified health coaches also provide expert guidance to help individuals achieve optimal health through weight loss.

The team at CWR is dedicated to providing novel,
results-oriented solutions through our “outside-the-box”
program development and comprehensive health outcomes
data collection.


We offer cost-effective group programs for health improvement
to support cost reduction for self-funding entities.  

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We use proven approaches that rapidly improve health through relieving stress and pain, which
are major drivers of
high healthcare costs.

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Collecting a wide variety of health outcomes data provides you proof
of program effectiveness.

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Sustainable healthcare cost reduction requires sustainable health improvement like that provided by CWR programs.

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Participants receive long-lasting relief from pain, stress, and symptoms of stress-related conditions.

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CWR offers programs to people in the community who are seeking health improvement.

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