About Us

The mission of Corporate Wellness Resources (CWR) is to provide new opportunities for self-funding institutions to reduce their healthcare utilization and costs through improving the health and performance of employees and other covered individuals. CWR offers unique and cost-effective large group programs to rapidly and significantly reduce and often eliminate chronic pain, stress, and symptoms of stress related illnesses, which are some of the highest healthcare cost drivers. Our philosophy is that health must be improved for healthcare utilization and costs to decrease. Our program methods and approaches have been proven in clinical studies to achieve these health improvements and increased performance, which can lead to substantial cost savings for payers of healthcare services (including corporations, governments, and other institutions). Program participants are provided tools for use after programs end to maintain and extend the health and performance benefits gained during programs. Thus, as healthcare utilization and costs are reduced and performance is improved over the long-term, profitability is further enhanced.

The team at Corporate Wellness Resources is dedicated to providing novel, results-oriented solutions by pushing the envelope with our evidence-based program development and outside-the-box thinking. This supports us in accomplishing our mission to deliver programs that produce substantial healthcare cost savings for self-funding entities by providing new opportunities to reduce their healthcare utilization through improving health and human performance.

CWR is also committed to ensuring that these effective group programs are available to member of our communities. CWR has regular group program offerings in Michigan and are beginning to expand outside of Michigan. These programs allow individuals to attend who are not part of a self-insuring corporation or other institution engaging CWR services. These programs are offered through religious institutions, tax-exempt organizations, and CWR (direct to community members).