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Community Wellness Resources offers online  programs for optimizing health that you can do conveniently in your home or wherever you have an internet connection.

Our programs help you relieve stress, pain, and symptoms of stress-related conditions!


Is it finally time to put yourself first and make some serious

progress to improve your health?

Maybe you have been experiencing a lot stress or pain in the back, neck, hip, shoulder, knee, arthritis, or other pains.

You may suffer from conditions where stress is a major underlying factor, like sleep difficulty, headaches, anxiety, depression symptoms, fatigue, high blood pressure, stomach/intestinal disturbances, among many others. 

StressPerhaps you have spent precious time and money on a lot of treatment, and still have nagging ill-health that you want to improve. That could be discouraging!

Or maybe you just want to ensure that you can maintain great health and experience maximum fulfillment for the rest of your long and happy life.

Now you can attend our “Ultimate Stress and Pain Free Living” webinar-based online program and rapidly accomplish some serious health improvement that you can maintain for a lifetime!

The program is like nothing else you have ever tried!

Rather than managing symptoms, our program is designed to have you improving your health and wellness such that symptoms of ill-health will be reduced and often eliminated. If you are taking symptom-masking pharmaceuticals, we strongly suggest you work closely with your physician in the event that the benefits you achieve in the program allow you to reduce or eliminate the need for pharmaceuticals. Please remember that only a physician can assist you in adjusting your medication dosages.

From the comfort of your own home or wherever you have an internet connection, we provide you a series of live webinars and other materials to assist you in achieving your health and wellness improvement objectives.

Best of all, your household members can take this inexpensive program at NO EXTRA COST!

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The live weekly webinars in the “Ultimate Stress and Pain Free Living” program are led by Dr. Bob Levine (hyperlink?), a holistic health expert and VP of Wellness and High Performance Strategies for Community Wellness Resources (CWR). He and his team have developed this webinar approach for the benefit of you and others in your life who are seeking health improvement.

How does this program work so well for so many people and so many different conditions?

The approaches we use have been scientifically proven to reduce and even eliminate many chronic pains, stress, and symptoms of stress-related illnesses.

During the program, you will rapidly learn to recognize and interrupt automatic habits and patterns, including automatic stress reactions that have developed over your lifetime; these can contribute to stress, pain and ill health.

When you interrupt your automatic patterns and stress reactions, you are immediately free to make desired changes fast, and rapidly improve health and performance, regardless of your situation. Since each person interrupts their unique automatic patterns, the changes they can then make help resolve their unique ill-health condition(s). That is how so many different conditions can be helped in the same program.

Some of the program’s proprietary approaches include:

Future Visioning: to shift the focus from past results to achieving rapid health improvement.Relaxing Picture

Guided Relaxation: to interrupt automatic habits and patterns and get freedom from pain, stress, and persistent, unwanted thoughts.

Effective Muscle Release©: to release overly contracted muscles and relieve pain and stiffness while improving mobility and posture.

Optimal Physical Activities of Daily Living: to correct dysfunctional automatic patterns of walking, standing, sitting, bending and reaching.

Effective Communication Skills:  to eliminate miscommunication stress and create more workability in personal and professional relationships.

Health Activities between Webinars: to achieve rapid health and performance improvements throughout the program.

Long-term Support Tools: to maintain and enhance health after the end of the program.

The program consists of:

 1) Eight, 1-hour weekly live webinars (skipping holidays) and unlimited viewing of recorded webinars during the entire program.

 2) Downloadable/printable workbooks with photos, illustrations, worksheets and simple step-by-step instructions to guide your participation in the program.

 3) Educational audio tracks (mp3 files) to support rapid learning and retention of information.

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 4) Guided Relaxation audio tracks to reinforce the material taught in the webinars. Regularly reviewing program content in a relaxed state helps you retain information and achieve the health improvement results you have been looking for.

 5) Online instructional videos demonstrating all of the Effective Muscle Release© movement routines that help relieve muscle tension and pain.

 Whether you want to relieve pain or avoid developing a chronic pain condition, be free of stress reactions, or get relief from symptoms of stress-related conditions, you can benefit from participating in this program. The approaches have been tested with several thousand people and proven to be effective in supporting rapid health improvement. Therefore, you can feel confident that you can quickly produce new results you have always wanted regarding improving your health and other areas of life.

Put yourself first and finally take control of your health.

Registering for the “Ultimate Stress and Pain Free Living” program is an action you will always remember and cherish.

Your opportunity is now!

To find out details about specific upcoming webinar programs and pricing information, click on the “See Program Details and REGISTER” button. Remember, all household members can participate in the program at no extra cost!