Our Leadership Team

Charlene S. Levine, C.Ht., President and CEO


Charlene Levine is a stress and pain elimination specialist, certified mind-body connection expert, and master of communication. In partnership with her husband, Dr. Bob Levine, they deliver powerful seminars that help people and their networks of family, friends, and coworkers enrich the quality of their lives through enhancing wellness and communication skills. Charlene is also the President and CEO of Corporate Wellness Resources, LLC, which offers programs to enhance employee health and wellness as a means of reducing healthcare costs for corporations, governments, and other institutions.

As a wife and mother of three boys under age 11, she understands the importance of family harmony and effective communication in all relationships, both in the family and on the job. Since most stress occurs in the thoughts we have and our communication with others, Charlene and Dr. Bob have devised methods for helping people immediately interrupt automatic patterns, including automatic stress responses, that can interfere with optimal health, relationships, and high-performance living. Automatic patterns have many elements, including how people think, eat, communicate, move (e.g. walking and other repetitive motions), react to circumstances, among many others. This process of “automatic pattern interruption” that is easily learned is a key to having people achieve immediate freedom from the patterns they developed over their lifetime that have been leading to the persistence of certain undesired results. Once the automatic pattern is interrupted, people are free to rapidly make desired changes. As accelerated behavioral change occurs through this approach, symptoms of ill-health naturally disappear as the balance is shifted toward health and wellness.


Robert A. Levine, Ph.D., C.Ht., Vice President

Wellness and High-Performance Strategies


Dr. Bob Levine, a holistic health clinician and researcher, has helped thousands of people improve their health and performance through the use of innovative approaches that produce accelerated behavioral change. He recently joined Corporate Wellness Resources, LLC (CWR) as the Director of Wellness and High-Performance Programs. The mission of CWR is to provide programs and opportunities for self-funding institutions to reduce their healthcare costs through improving the health and performance of their people. The group programs provided to institutions for relief of chronic pain, stress, and symptoms of stress-related conditions are also offered to patients in the community. The approaches used in CWR programs have been shown to reduce and eliminate pain (e.g. back, neck hip, shoulder, knee, headache, arthritis, etc.) and symptoms of stress-related conditions (e.g. sleep disturbance, anxiety, depression, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.). One of the most recently developed proprietary approaches, “automatic pattern interruption”, enables people to use mind power to identify and interrupt lifelong habits and patterns that have been producing undesirable results in health and other areas of life. Once the pattern is interrupted, rapid and desired change is immediately possible. This explains how large group programs can be so effective for such a wide variety of conditions; the unique automatic pattern expressed by each person produces a unique set of ill-health symptoms. As the pattern is interrupted, health improves and symptoms of many ill-health conditions naturally disappear as balance is restored in many domains of life.

Dr. Bob’s future vision is that all people are optimally healthy and living lives that they love, institutions and people paying for healthcare lower their healthcare costs by more than 75% as health improvement drives reduced healthcare utilization, and the money saved in the U.S. economy is used for higher purposes in support of our people.

Dr. Bob received his Ph.D. in Pharmacology from George Washington University in 1982 and has spent over 30 years in basic research on Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, psychiatric illnesses, and aging. He joined Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) in Detroit, MI in 1993 after conducting research at the National Institutes of Health and then Wayne State University. He has received numerous federal grants, edited 5 books, and published over 80 scientific articles. In 2008, he became the Director of the HFHS Center for Integrative Wellness. In 2012, he left Henry Ford to join CWR. He has applied outside-the-box thinking to develop and take to the next level unique solutions that help people improve their health and their lives.


Claudia Kerbawy, C.W.W.S., Director

Marketing and Business Development


Claudia Kerbawy’s career has been diverse. She is currently Director of Business Development and Marketing for Corporate Wellness Resources and is a Certified Health Coach and Worksite Wellness Specialist. She has been effectively coaching people in achieving life goals for several years. Prior to entering this venue, she created Kerbawy Consulting Services, providing environmental consulting to engineering firms, law firms, small businesses, and governmental agencies. This followed an accomplished twenty-five year career in Environmental Protection with the State of Michigan, where she advanced to spend eight years as chief of the Brownfield Redevelopment and Superfund Cleanup Programs. Over the course of that career, she provided testimony to Congressional committees on four occasions, organized and co-chaired 6 national conferences, each attended by over two hundred state and federal cleanup program managers, and received 5 awards for Outstanding Contributions to the Furtherance of the Mission to Protect and Promote the Health, Welfare and Safety of the American Public and Environment. In 2008 Claudia Kerbawy directed a U.S. Congressional Campaign managing all aspects of the campaign including fundraising, staffing, issue and message development, public relations, and field operations. She also spent 2 years as a sought-after substitute teacher in Lansing area schools. Over the course of her varied career, Ms Kerbawy has developed strong leadership and management skills as well as negotiation and conflict resolution abilities. She has a deep and abiding understanding and appreciation of the concerns and issues facing businesses, government, and individuals, and has developed the ability to help people identify what they want to achieve and coach them to accomplish those goals.


Damany Head,

Director of Business Integration and Team Building


Damany Head is a specialist in formulating and implementing corporate growth and cohesiveness strategies. He couples the strength of his manufacturing and engineering expertise with his high-level business coaching and communication skills to guide the expansion of Corporate Wellness Resources. After working as a supplier for General Motors, he provided consulting services to many southeast Michigan companies, from startups to the well-established, to aid them in expanding business activities and profits. He graduated from Ohio Northern University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Degree. He has received extensive training in personal growth and development, team building, and human empowerment, and incorporates this expertise to form a unique talent that has driven his successful track record in business integration and expansion.