Sustainable Results

Slide 4 - Sustainable Results-2One factor that is critical for sustained costs savings achieved by improving health is ensuring that enhancements to health are sustained. The long-term data tracked by Dr. Bob Levine while he served as the Director of the Center for Integrative Wellness at Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) showed that nearly all health improvement results achieved during the group programs were maintained at 8 and 16 months after the end of programs. Not only was nearly the same percentage of chronic pain reduced or eliminated, reductions in stress, sleep disturbance, anxiety, depression symptoms, and fatigue remained and were statistically significant compared to pre-program scores. This is supportive of costs declining over time as the gains in health are maintained and enhanced.

The main reason why health improvements are sustained is that participants in CWR programs understand the importance of taking responsibility for their health. They identify how their automatic patterns have kept them from realizing this value and through automatic pattern interruption they are free to adopt the position of being responsible for their health. This aids them in making rapid changes and engaging in the home and work activities that are part of the program to be accomplished between sessions and beyond the end of the program. Participants’ abilities to interrupt their automatic patterns remain with them long after the programs end. They are able to continue to interrupt patterns on a regular basis, which allows for sustained behavioral change and sustained health improvement. They continue to use the tools and information learned to maintain a more healthful state.